SETNAG, an ISO9001 accredited company since 2000, designs and manufactures oxygen analysers for controlling gases in combustion, process applications, and for fundamental research. These products are designed around the efficient MicroPoas™ technology, which perfectly meets the specific requirements of oxygen measurement. This technology is the result of many evolutions and adaptations in order to best meet the demands of SETNAG’s customers every day.

The strength of the SETNAG’s team derives from a wealth of entrepreneurial and human values, making the company focused on achieving customer satisfaction. Everyone plays an essential role in project implementation, through his know-how, expertise, and professionalism. Advice, innovative solutions, safety, accuracy are the best words to describe SETNAG’s activities, whether it is product manufacturing or service provision.

A company on a human scale for a 100% French production.

APPLICATIONS : power and energy production, industrial processes, research, control laboratories, safety, heat treatment, food-processing industry, pure gas production, waste incineration, etc..

A global solution for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), electrolyzer (SOEC) & high temperature electrochemical devices

Over the past ten years, Fiaxell, a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell company has developed processes for cell fabrication, specialty screen printing inks, tape casting slurries, flexible testing devices for high temperature measurements and has now provided customers worldwide

Thanks to our intergated steamer, the Fiaxell button cell tester can immediately switch from SOFC to SOEC co-electrolysis mode as a reversible solid oxide fuel cell and transform water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) into hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO). To complement our core competences, we identified highly skilled manufacturers of electronics (power supply & EIS), kilns, gas control, liquid management, gas detection, hydrogen generators and are working closely with them.

Fiaxell, as solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC / SOEC) manufacturer & supplier is now in the position to provide a complete turnkey solution for all your high temperature development challenges.

CerPoTech applies spray pyrolysis, a soft chemistry technique with a great potential, to produce high quality, multi-component ceramic oxide powders.

With this aqueous-based environmentally friendly technology, CerPoTech is able to offer fine complex ceramic oxide powders of tailored compositions with high phase purity, high chemical purity, very high homogeneity, narrow particle distribution, offering excellent properties for further processing at competetive prices.

Given the flexibility of the process and its semi-industrial facilities, CerPoTech has over the years developed protocols for an extensive product portfolio, and is able to supply powder batches from 100 g to 100 kg, with a total annual production capacity of several tons.