Prospects on Protonic Ceramic Cells

This workshop will be dedicated to new advances of solid state chemistry, material science, physical and chemical characterization, electrochemical performance and reliability, modeling and simulation, engineering and applications of solid state protonic conductor technologies. Through high level oral conferences and poster presentations, the PPCC-2024 will be a very nice meeting place that provides an opportunity to discuss recent progresses on research and development of novel protonic ceramic cells and their applications.

Unique networking opportunities including “Poster session” and “Banquet” will be offered during the PPCC-2024. These social events will be great chances to exchange with colleagues from academia, industry and research institute, and be a very enjoyable and interesting moment.

The conference venue is the ESIREM, located in Dijon. The capital of the Dukes of Burgundy is located in the Northeastern of France.

You can download the flyer of the conference here.


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