Topics & Program of the workshop

Session 1 – Fundamentals and Proton-based Mechanisms

Session 2 – PCC-based Materials

Session 3 – Manufacture of PCC

Session 4 – Modeling

Session 5 – Applications


Oral Presentations

Invited Talk: 40 minutes

Keynote Lectures: 30 minutes

Regular Oral Presentations: 20 minutes

All contributions must allow 5 minutes for questions

Oral presentations must be saved on a memory stick as .PPT, PPTX or pdf files. The file name must include the presenting author’s surname as listed in the oral program, e.g., Dailly.ppt.

Presentation for the morning session must be uploaded to the lecture room computer before 08h40 the day of the talk, or the day before.

Presentation for the afternoon session must be uploaded to the lecture hall computer in the morning, before 14h00 or the day before.

For technical reasons, the computer in the lecture room must be used for the presentations. We encourage everyone with special animations, videos, etc. to test these during the upload of the presentation, on the computer. 

Poster Presentations

The poster session is on Wednesday 19th June 2024 from 17h30 to 20h00. The poster format is A0 = 118,9 cm x 84,1 cm (Height x Width). The boards will be marked with numbers according to the overview given in the program.

Posters should be mounted before Wednesday 19th June 2024 – 16h00. They should be removed on Friday 21st June 2024 during the coffee break (10h10 – 10h40) the latest.